1.Charcoal makes better barbecue than gas
2. Steaks should be frequently flipped, as often as every fifteen seconds
3. Don’t use the lid of grill when grilling food. Lid is only down when using grill as a smoker or an oven.
4. Learn to set-up a two-zone charcoal arrangement and use it regularly.
5. Using a BBQ fork doesn’t make your steak spring leaks and get dry.
6. Small grease flare-ups are a normal part of grilling, big ones mean you’re not using your two-zone charcoal set up correctly.
7. Lighter fluid doesn’t impart bad taste to food.
8. Don’t cook by time – cook by temperature, with a thermometer.
9. Searing meat doesn’t keep juices in.
10. Cook with salt
11. Use butter whenever possible
12. Let meats rest before serving or carving.
13. Never apologize

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