3 lbs chicken wings
1/2 cup frank hot sauce or 1/2 cup Crystal hot sauce
1 cup flour
cajun seasoning
oil (for deep frying)
1/2 cup frank hot sauce or 1/2 cup Crystal hot sauce
1/2 cup butter
ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing
celery rib


1  Cut wings into pieces discarding tips.
2  Wash and pat dry with paper towels.
3  Place pieces into a dish or a large baggie, add ½ C hot sauce and seal.
4  Marinate at least 30 minutes or overnight is good too.
5  Heat oil in deep fryer to 350°.
6  Place flour, salt, pepper and cajun seasoning in a large baggie.
7  Drain wings but do not pat dry.
8  Add wings a few at a time to baggie, shaking to cover, then remove.
9  Continue until all pieces are well coated with the flour mixture.
10  Make up more if you need it.
11  Discard the bag.
12  Slowly add 1/2 of the wing pieces to hot oil.
13  Fry until golden brown.
14  Remove and drain on paper towel.
15  Cook remaining wings and drain.
16  In the meantime, melt butter in microwave.
17  Add remaining ½ C hot sauce.
18  Toss fried wings in sauce mixture and serve with your choice of Ranch or Blue Cheese dressing and celery sticks.Source:    http://deep-fried.food.com/recipe/carolyns-favorite-hot-wings-55672